We are currently providing three levels of training for officers and members of Housing Associations. The first is aimed at officers who will be using the HHSRS in practice, but who have received no training on the subject. Typically these would include maintenance surveyors, asset managers and other staff who need to understand the implications of the rating system and how to apply it in practice. These courses run over one day and will enable delegates to:

The second training level is an extension of the one day course to two days (3 – 4 weeks apart) to enhance the delegates’ degree of knowledge and understanding, Between the two training days, delegates would be expected to carry out an HHSRS assessment of a dwelling and submit this work for marking. The second training day is used to review submitted assessments, focusing on any issues identified and allows for the discussion of the use of the system in more detail. Delegates demonstrating a satisfactory level of understanding will receive certification as to competence in the use of the system. 

The third level of training is the provision of a half-day course (4 hours) aimed at senior management, executives and board members, which will enable delegates to:


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