Since 2006 the HHSRS has been the legally prescribed method for the assessment of all dwellings in England and Wales. Enforcement provisions have been considerably altered and strengthened and the legal process has been revised with the introduction of Residential Property Tribunals. Following these changes, both the Decent Homes Standard in England and the Welsh Housing Quality Standard in Wales have been amended with significant implications for Registered Social Landlords.

Between 2005 and 2006, Andy Arthur, Paul Fitzgerald and Nick Frampton were heavily involved with the training of local authority environmental health practitioners in England and Wales in preparation for the introduction of the HHSRS. Since the introduction of the new system, the three have continued to provide training to local authority enforcement personnel and others including local authority public sector housing management staff and also RSL personnel. They have now trained nearly 2200 people throughout England and Wales in the understanding and use of the rating system.

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